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Ear Surgery

Ear deformities can be acquired and congenital
Acquired ear deformities are

  • Keloid formation after infection due to ear piercing
  • Torn Ear Lobes either due to constant use of heavy ear rings or due to bad repair previously done by any other doctor not related to the field

Congenital ear deformities are

  • Excessive protuberant ears which are commonly known as ‘Bat Ears’.
  • Any other deformity in the outer portion like turned in helical rim k/as lop ear
  • Complete absence of ear k/as anotia in which the external ear is not formed.

The surgery for all these problems can be done under general or local anesthesia depending upon the condition.

  • Bat ear surgery will done under general anesthesia and patient can be discharged the same day.
  • Split ear lobes are repaired under local anesthesia.
  • Underdeveloped ears are reconstructed by the age of 5 ears and staged surgeries are performed.


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Since childhood I was having these protruding ears. All my classmates used to make fun of me and tease me by calling them ears of a bat. I came to know from the internet that actually I was suffering from “Bat Ears”. After thorough homework I came across Dr.Rahul Tandon and got operated from him. He operated me under local anesthesia and sent me home the same day. Now my ears look like any other normal looking ears and I don’t have to worry about anybody.