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Scar Revision

Scars are the result of skin repair following wounds, which may be related to accidents, burns, disease or surgery. The more the skin is damaged, the longer it will take to heal and the greater will be the risk of a noticeable scar. Scars appear red and thick initially, and then gradually fade. Scars that seem unsightly at three months may heal nicely by six months or one year. But one thing should be clearly noted that once the scar developed from full thickness damage to the skin, it could never be removed completely. The only possibility after a good management is to make it almost invisible or very thin & less visible, so that it can fade with surrounding skin crease or geometry of face. There are many types of scars, many locations for scars and many causes for scars. Each scar has to be individually evaluated when treatment is being planned. The length of time scar has been present, the location of the scar, the appearance and whether it is causing irritation determine the treatment plan for individual scars.


  • Scar revision is the first line of treatment usually done under either under LA or GA depending upon the size and place of the scar.
  • Silicon products in the form of gels or sheets can be used separately or in combination with surgery.
  • In some case instead of any surgery microdermabrasion is performed to lighten the scar.
  • Lastly we have fractional CO2 lasers which can take care of scars during  all its stages


Scar Revision

Keloid Scar

Burn Scar


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