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Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. One can consider this surgery if

  • Women feel that their breasts are smaller in size.
  • There is difference in size of the breasts.
  • Some women naturally have small breasts, other reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or aging may adversely affect the shape and size of the breasts.


At initial consultation

  • We examine the breasts and get an idea from you about the expected size which you are looking for.
  • Any asymmetry in the size of the breasts is looked for which is very important as far as deciding the size of implant is concerned.
  • We also look for any element of looseness of the breasts which in our language is called ptosis of the breast tissue and nipple area. Some amount of hanging is automatically corrected by Breast implant but if the grade of ptosis is more, then additional procedures are planned and you are informed accordingly.
  • The approximate size of the implant is then decided and surgery planned accordingly.
  • We are using the best quality silicone breast implants that are FDA approved and imported after placing the order.


  • If you smoke, it is essential that you reduce or stop smoking before your procedure and for some time afterward. Be sure to discuss this openly with your doctor.
  • Make sure your physician is aware of any medications, supplements, and herbs you are currently taking. For instance, certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen can cause bleeding problems during and after the procedure. Carefully follow your physician’s instructions and do not take these medications for a few weeks prior to your procedure.
  • A healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol a few days prior to your procedure.
  • Exercise is generally good for your overall health; however, refrain from extremely vigorous exercise the day before your breast augmentation procedure.
  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight the night before the procedure.
  • The night before your procedure, shower and wash your surgical areas with antimicrobial soap. After your shower do not wear any makeup, moisturizers, oils, creams, or lotions — including deodorant.
  • Remove nail polish from at least one fingernail and toenail to help the anesthesia person monitor your blood circulation during your procedure.
  • The morning of your breast augmentation procedure you may brush your teeth, but do not swallow more than a sip of water. If your physician allows you to take any prescribed medication, swallow it with a minimal amount of water.
  • When you go to your physician’s office, wear loose-fitting clothes that open in the front and comfortable flat shoes that slip on.



  • The procedure is done under general anaesthesia and the patient can be discharged the same day. It is done by implants either saline or silicon which are available in different sizes.
  • The incision is usually made in the inframammary crease and the implants are kept behind the muscle after making a pocket. In some cases the implants are kept behind the breast tissue wherever indicated.
  • Other ways of making the incisions are either in the axilla or around the nipple depending upon various other factors which are decided after consultation.
  • There is minimal discomfort for around 7 days.
  • The patients can start using their bra after 8 – 10 days once stitches are out



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