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We at TANDONZ- the Cosmetic Clinic are performing liposuction along with tummy tuck procedures regularly. Abdominoplasty commonly known as tummy tuck is an adjuvant procedure in patients who have loose and hanging abdominal skin after child births or due to gain in weight,

Dr.Rahul Tandon with his vast experience is using power assisted and vaser liposuction after tumescent technique to extract fat from the abdomen. After removal of fat the skin of the abdomen becomes loose and the latter is removed in the same sitting.

A brief description of the procedure follows:

Tummy tuck is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed to surgically remove the excess skin (along with the stretch marks) and fat from the abdomen.

  • It is very effective in patients who have lost excessive weight by dieting or after bariatric surgery and have got loose hanging skin in lower abdomen and flanks.
  • It is helpful for women who after completing their family have got relaxed loose abdomen skin.
  • The surgery can be combined with liposuction which may enhance the result.




  • As discussed above in liposuction this procedure is usually combined with it and is done under general anesthesia. The patients are required to stay in the hospital for 2- 3 days depending upon the individual response.
  • The incision for the surgery is well hidden below the undergarments and is not visible from outside.


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