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Q Switched ND Yag for Tattoo and Pigmented Lesions

Tattoo fading involves using a laser to target tattoo ink in the skin. The laser heats the ink particles, so they break up and allow the body to absorb them.
The results can vary, depending on the individual tattoo and the type or color of ink used. Indian ink tattoos are usually easier to treat, and black and red inks tend to fade better. Some inks don’t respond to treatment at all.

It has also been used in.

  1.  Pigmented lesions like Freckles, Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito, Mongolian spots.
  2.  Melasma that is post pregnancy hyperpigmentation of the face.
  3.  Vascular lesions like small spider nevi, telangiectasia and cherry angiomas.

It can also be used for non-ablative skin resurfacing for wrinkles and acne scars. Deep dermis is stimulated to produce natural collagen and other vital proteins that make up healthy, youthful skin.
After 3-6 treatments done at monthly intervals, wrinkles soften and skin gets toned.
Hence it is a good option for improving acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks without complicated procedures and long recovery times.

The treatment of Q switched ND Yag can be combined with topical sunscreen, chemical peels( Glycolic acid), Microdermabrasion, IPL and Micro-needling/ Dermaroller for increased efficacy and better results.


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