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Radio Frequency

This technique is used to fight against the skin slackening of the face, in particular at the level of the oval, and applies indifferently to the men and to the women, to all the skin types, including black and crossed.

The radio frequency is proposed to the patients whose skin loosens, whose tissues lost of their tonic effect.With the age or further to a regime, the women can know a skin slackening at the level of the oval of the face, cheeks, outlines of the mouth or the eyes.

This technique uses the electromagnetic waves, which produce some heat to handle the skin slackening of the face.This heat leads shrinkage (” skin tightening “) and a production of collagen which improves the firmness and the cutaneous tension.The radio frequency can be used on the face (jowls, oval, neck) and the body, against the slackening of tissues (stomach, buttocks, thighs, arm, the previous face of breasts) and against cellulite’s localized with improvement of the orange peel effect.

With their heads of different sizes, the new devices can target the oval, the neck, the zones around the mouth or the eyes. I use a third generation device which arranges several pairs of electrodes for a deep, controlled, not painful action and without risk of burns for the skin (the temperature of the handled zone achieves 40°C at the surface of the skin, 50 in 60°C in depth).

The method: according to the handled zone we apply a hand-piece on the skin beforehand coated with conductive gel. The treatment (processing)is painless, just giving a light sensation of heat. This one is directly driven at the level of the dermis, without risk of burn for the skin because the tip of the applicator is cooled so as to anesthetize the surface of the skin in its contact. radio

The session lasts approximately 15 minutes. The sessions are spaced out from 1 to 2 weeks. It is necessary from 6 to 8 sessions according to the initial state for the face (oval and neck), the stomach, arms.

The results observe in two different phases:

1. The contractile phase: just after the first session, we notice immediately a tension of the skin and a hardening of the outlines of the face due to the contraction of collagen fibers. This phase lasts a few days.

2. The retractile phase  with formation of new collagen. According to the sessions, the effect strengthens and the final result is obtained after a period from 2 to 6 months, necessary deadline so that forms the new collagen. We maintain the benefit with a session every month.

The side effects: After the session, the skin can present small redness and the patient can feel the skin “warming”. Except for these effects which did not owe for a long time, the face does not present mark. The make-up after the session raises no problem, and the patient can attend to her activities immediately after her appointment.

The contraindications:If you have a pacemaker, metallic implants or if you are pregnant, you cannot have access to the radio frequency. Also, do not appear for a session if your skin is irritated, if it presents an important broken vein or dermatitis.

On the other hand, if your skin is tanned, it does not prevent you from following a treatment of radio frequency.


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