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Tatto Removal

Tattoos are very common in the present scenario. One needs to get tattoo removed if he or she finds it odd at the particular place due to social, personal or religious reasons. Another very important reason is the difficulty which one faces to get admission in army or police service if they have tattoo present over the body.

In our clinic we are using various techniques to remove tattoo depending upon the depth and color of ink used to make a tattoo.

  1. Dermabrasion technique

We are having diamond tipped burrs which are being used to remove the ink and markings of the tattoo.The technique has the advantage that it is done in a single sitting and multiple sessions are not needed  as in laser treatment.

    1. Laser technique

We at our clinic are having Q Switched Nd Yag laser machine for Tatto removal.Tattoo fading involves using a laser to target tattoo ink in the skin. The laser heats the ink particles, so they break up and allow the body to absorb them. The treatment of Q switched ND Yag can be combined with topical sunscreen, chemical peels (  Glycolic acid), Microdermabrasion, IPL and Micro-needling/ Dermaroller for increased efficacy and better results.


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